At Pretty Sweet, we believe your cake should taste just as good as it looks. That’s why we use quality ingredients and with high standards in mind. Our buttercream is a European style buttercream which has a light, smooth consistency; it’s delicious! We offer several flavor options but are always open to new ideas, feel free to message us with any questions or special requests.


  • all vanilla

    Classic vanilla cake paired with vanilla buttercream.

  • black and white

    Chocolate cake paired with vanilla buttercream.
    *My favorite!

  • funfetti cake

    Classic funfetti cake paired with vanilla buttercream.


  • strawberries and cream

    Vanilla cake with homemade strawberry preserves and vanilla buttercream.

  • double chocolate

    Chocolate cake paired with chocolate buttercream.

  • cookies and cream

    Chocolate cake paired with oreo cookies buttercream.

  • carrot cake

    Moist carrot cake paired with cream cheese buttercream.

  • pineapple cake

    Classic vanilla cake paired with delicious pineapple filling and buttercream.

  • strawberry cake

    Strawberry cake filled with cream cheese and covered with vanilla buttercream.

  • lemon cake

    Lemon cake paired with raspberry mousse and covered in vanilla buttercream.

Red Flowers Wedding Cake